Young Entrepreneurs Program (Pilot)

Young people are incredibly important to the growth of the South Australian economy and community, that is why the South Australian Government is investing in building the entrepreneurial skills of our young people.

YEPP participants graduated on 17 November, 2018. 

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We need you as young entrepreneurs and future Australian business owners to join the Young Entrepreneurs Program (Pilot); this is a once in a life time opportunity to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs and successful people. 

Be one of 15 young entrepreneurs

Aged between 16-25 years from the northern suburbs of Adelaide so long as you have a business idea and want to expand it.

Lightning Learning™

You'll need access to the internet and a computer to access the online learning through our webinars, resources and the knowledge we share through this page which is provided for you to access when you need it.*

Meet other young business owners

Aged 16-25 and share ideas, solve problems, build networks, collaborate and add value to their enterprises.

*The Stretton Centre may be able to provide internet access where required.

Aged 16-25 and share ideas, solve problems, build networks, collaborate and add value to their enterprises.

Meet famous entrepreneurs

Free business coaching

Access to free mentoring

Bi-monthly Stretch Days, access to business coaches monthly; and free access to Start up videos and resources.

From volunteers with rich business experience who could help with the growth of your enterprise or give you technical skills and networks to strengthen your enterprise.

Steve and Katharina talk about how their businesses benefited from joining a Young Entrepreneurs Program

Video courtesy of Moreland City Council

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a business idea to join the program?

What commitment is required?

Why is the program run on Saturdays?

What about Food, Drinks and places of worship? 

Is there adult supervision?

What is a Stretch Day?

What do I wear?

Coaching and Mentoring 


Other Young Entrepreneurs

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Funded by the South Australian Government

The Stretton Centre is sponsoring the Young Entrepreneurs Program (Pilot), funded by the South Australian Government, and has commissioned Enterprising Partnerships to deliver a program they have developed for enabling entrepreneurial mindsets and skills for young entrepreneurs.

Enterprising Partnerships is a company started in the northern suburbs 28 years ago with a passion for building entrepreneurial skills and mindsets in young people.

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